Sunday, 30 January 2011

Cups of Tea 1131 - 1132

Oh dear, so blinkin' tired! I got into work for 6, then didn't wake up until I was pretty much getting ready to leave work... at which point I went back to bed. Lazy? Possibly, but I knew there was no point in just sitting around trying to write when I couldn't even remember where I'd put my glasses, before rather embarrassingly realizing they were on my face.

So I went to bed and bumped my head, so I got up at 8 ready for the All-Star Game. Which I only watched for the first two periods... While there was definitely a lot of goals scored, the player's didn't seem to give a damn. There wasn't the same sense of urgency or drive that regular NHL games have (especially for the Devils) so I turned it off and began writting the outline for the podcast, which is now complete and flows a lot nicer than the last imho. We'll see how it is once it's recorded.

Anyways, I'm going back to bed because I want to post my FINISHED Cauldron packaging up tomorrow... I'm going to take a note of Rhys's book and do some nice snaps of the mocked up packaging as apposed to posting the net or a picture taken with Photobooth.

Until then, I'll leave you with a link full of great Russian Health and Safety posters I stumbled across yesterday by accident, and also the song that I haven't stopped listening to. God damn, I love me some Prog Rock sometimes!

More Posters Here.

M x

Saturday, 29 January 2011

Cups of Tea 1128 - 1130

Not a lot of tea drank today because I've been back in work -sigh- Nevermind, an early shift tomorrow and then I get to come home, sleep for abit and then watch the NHL All Star Game while I write the copy for these boxes and draft the next podcast... I'm really looking forward to it :)

I got the other two packaging designed today, again it's just the front of the boxes, namely because there's one tab without the aforementioned body copy (which ties it alot more into the whole Cauldron / Mythical themes of my rebrand...), but as a result of the copy on the box (ingredients etc.) I won't be adding Serving suggestions... namely because I don't cook that much vegetarian (sorry Rhys!).

Also slight recolourations on the unicorn for it to meet the boldness of the other two pieces of packaging. I'll hopefully have the full packaging for all three of them tomorrow, then the 'other two' on Monday... Maybe an Ad or Two!

Anyways, bed time. I'm up at 5 tomorrow... -sigh-

M x

Friday, 28 January 2011

Cups of Tea 1124 - 1127

Absolutely zero work done today because of Family coming home so I shall make this blog post short and sharp, just showing the front of one of my packaging designs for the Cauldron project :)

Full packaging will be done tomorrow... shoop shoop!

M x

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Cups of Tea 1118 - 1123

A day of Sighs, then a day of joys!

It took me an awful, awful long time to figure out how to set up an RSS feed so I could submit Twoddle to iTunes but after much moaning an groaning, I got it done (after 7 hours of complications...) and after that, it was time to play the waiting game for approval to have my podcast on iTunes, a process I found out can take a couple of days / weeks... But then took me less than two hours! I don't know if it's the short length or a low submission for the categories, but I was amazed and a little bit chuffed! A few people I know over on the View Askew boards have been waiting a week or more and heard nothing.

Anyways, so let me present Twoddle -

It's called Twoddle. It's nice and short,just over 6 mins. Weekly, it'll deal with
Graphic Design, the ethics involved in it and topics that generally effect the creative process... This week the topic is 'Incentive' to design / create and I guess applies to a broader scope than just designers.

It can be found on iTunes here if you'd prefer, listen to it in Word Press... Which will only be used for podcast uploads :)

The Intro / Outro is the song 'Push it Away' by Seeräuber Jenny (who kindly let me use it.) You can check out the full version of that here.

Any comments on it, will be greatly appreciated! New Horizons and all that, so all feedback is welcome...

Hope you enjoy it!

M x

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Cups of Tea 1111 - 1117

Quite abit of tea drinking today, what what! I've been a man on a mission, hence why I intend on curling up for an early night in a bit... For I spent most of my night cutting and recording. For what you might ask? Well, its what i've been babbling on about for the last few weeks or so... A load of Twoddle ;)

May I introduce you ladies and gentlemen, to the next expansion of the Teasign online experience. The official Teasign, Graphic Design Podcast! Called Twoddle. It's been in the works for awhile as I say. As some of you might know, I enjoy the SModcast podcasts and thought there was a lack of design podcasts available (the only one I know is Adrian Shaughnessy's Graphic Design on The Radio) so thought it would give me an excuse to get some writing done.

Here's the logo for now, hopefully the podcast itself will be available for download tomorrow (I need to get clearance on the intro track before I can legally put it on iTunes...)

Until tomorrow ;)

M x

Monday, 24 January 2011

Cups of Tea 1095 - 1110

I've drunk an absolute shitload of tea and it has promoted a hole new change in attitude to alot of things after an afternoon of being lackadaisical, then complaining about stuff, then affirming my attitude towards stuff around two hours ago, I just designed something that has been abit of a mountain out of proverbial molehill for me to conquer and I believe I've finally nailed it.

In these moments, my attitude towards design is going to change. I've been trapped in a cycle of doing little work due to the amount of work I've had to do. I am correcting this. As of tomorrow (I hope...) there will be balls to the walls design. No stone will be left unturned for Teasign. No more talk, just design related action. The blog will become a daily update again and I am going to attempt to post a piece of something a day that I have designed, even if it (shock horror) design for designs sake, I need to get better. Of course, there will be a shitload of other cool shit from around the world if I find it... which could lead to two posts a day?!

Possibly... on some days, I don't want to wear out my welcome.

Tomorrow something big will be going down, you mark my words ;) Until then, I'm going to bed. Early to bed, early to rise and early to work. Well, that is after I record it. You want to know what it is? Well, I guess you'll have to come back tomorrow ;)

Until then two things. Thanks to my beautiful girlfriend for getting me this kick ass watch for our Anniversary. It has replaced my Fossil as watch of day-to-day choice. I love you <3

And number 2, if you haven't already done so, check out Kevin Smith's trailer for Red State. The man is starting a revolution in film making. Read about that here, watch the Trailer Here and buy a t-shirt / poster so we can see it somewhere near us soon here.

M x

Friday, 21 January 2011

Cups of Tea 1089 - 1094

Oh my dear God. Where did those two days go? I swear I didn't even get that drunk and still the hangover yesterday compiled with lack of sleep killed me. Fortunately, I decree this here in ink (social network reference aside) that this is my last night out for the rest of the year. If I do go out (gigs, Spamalot...) I will be on the coke zero.

However that doesn't really excuse today... but I did end up on foolhardy adventure to find a housemate a fuel cap and for myself acquire a copy of DC Universe... We failed on both fronts, but I did get a pull up bar and both Hot Fuzz / Shaun of the Dead for £7, which is amazing.

I spent the rest of the day writing... as for what, you will have to wait and see... suffice to say, it has a little to do with this -

Until tomorrow...

M x

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Cups of Tea 1086 - 1088

The quickest of quick updates as I'm about to jet out to celebrate the 1st grade I got for a half-way dissertation mark! Winnah!

Not a lot really done today, did some writing for one of the future projects and some more research into another one of the up coming projects... Then realized I had to design a new Cool for Cats poster for a gig I though was on the 27th of Jan, then got a notice it was canceled, so now it'll be launched to promote the 22nd of February show...

Client went with the same old 'Pupcat' font I've used for the last two but I also presented a few other alternatives (of course, I prefer the version with Uni Sans...)

So posted up the 100% finished flyer, and the Mock up with Uni Sans for your viewing pleasure!

See you all tomorrow for some serious work!

M x

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Cups of Tea 1078 - 1085

Tea, oh Tea, oh Tea... I went without it yesterday and it kinda kicked my arse to be honest... I got home today from being at Gem's and just thought 'Shit, I really need a cuppa'. Cue me cutting up and making the below, it was kinda a stressful by the time I got one haha! Oh dear, how sad am I...?

Anyways, in retrospect, this has been a surprisingly lackluster two or three days in terms of productivity. But now I'm ready to roll... as of tomorrow, regular blog updates will start again and a shitload of work will flow through here as I steam train through what is possibly going to be the start of 40 projects in 50 weeks... But that will be intertwined into up coming projects that will be revealed hopefully in the next two weeks...

Onto what has actually been done! I finally got around to printing the Vinyl version of the SModcast project... it's only No. #6 at the moment (I'll possibly print #2 and #5 and make them up too... we'll see!) but I'm quite happy with the outcome. The Artwork just looks sexy to me tbh... I'm tempted to milk it into a large scale poster for the project as well possibly, purely so I can put the sucker up on the wall... very strange as I'm not that guy with my work...

(Top: Front / Back. Bottom: Inner Sleeve Front / Back.)

I'm quite happy with how it transferred from small thumbnail to large scale artwork to be honest... Though I guess always in the back of my head I'd designed them to be blown up! I think I may have to edit the back panel... but apart from that I'm very happy! Just the labels of the vinyl to do now... and then that project is done and dusted!

On the Cauldron front, I think bugger it... I am going to show the logo as I'm also pretty happy with that! Stationary will hopefully be done tomorrow (as well as the aforementioned SMOD vinyl labels) and then I can dive into the packaging of it... HORRAY! Hopefully get most of this project finished by the end of the week so I can start the other two projects that are currently rattling around in my brain...

Until tomorrow, something for you to think about: alot of rich / famous people seem to be Scientologists...

M x

Friday, 14 January 2011

Cups of Tea 1073 - 1077

Again, a day of tea and a day of design... well, and quite a bit of procrastination haha! I've managed to draw out the illustrations for my vegi packaging, which are looking quite nice. Hopefully I'll upload them tomorrow when I've vectored them!

Apart from that, got to see the green hornet in the cinema. I implore you to go see it! It did an 'A Team' on me... that is looked kinda crappy in the trailers, then turned out to be an enjoyable movie! Very funny and the 3D is some of the best I've seen.

I also picked these up in Smiths earlier... I loved the Sack Boy from little big planet and couldn't pass the chance up to try and get a cowboy... got one in my first box hahah... which obviously for those who know me, encouraged me to buy more...

Oh dear.

Anywho... time to watch some hockey before bed! Night all!

M x

Thursday, 13 January 2011

Cups of Tea 1046 - 1072

A lot of tea drunk... A lot of frustrating work done... -sigh- suffice to say, after I hand in this Flash website on Monday, I am never going to touch the program again haha! Nevermind, bigger and better things in the works! Now that is done, I can start on my own projects again! I've almost finished the SModcast vinyl artwork (hopefully print the first one off tomorrow) and have started my vegetarian re-brand... again I have to implore anyone with a veggie friend / relative to help me out with le questionnaire... leave a comment or message me on Facebook for it :)

Hmm whether or not to post what I've done on said vegetarian project... according to the rules of D&AD I'm not allowed to post work I intend on submitting, but I don't think that includes the 'everything else' category - i.e. the work you just want to show off.

Na, i'll leave it for today... While I am tempted to show it, I also bought an awesome poster today so I'll post that up for now...

Seriously can't wait to get the sucker! Going right up on the wall at my mum's with my Jason Munn Deathcab Poster. Anyways, more tomorrow

M x

Thursday, 6 January 2011

Cups of Tea 1036 - 1045

Sorry kids, I've been busy with that old dissertation and generally screaming at a sketchbook, trying to get ideas out for flash and alas, the sketchbook is almost finished! Just gotta do the storyboard and I can get to vectoring the shit that needs to be vectored and hopefully finish this fucker by monday... well, with the exception of the video. Need to take the camera out and shoot a 30 second long promo thing which shouldn't be too difficult. Oh, and take some snapshots to PS myself into old photographs... Then it's back to real, enjoyable work! Almost finished the first vinylisation of a SModcast cover (realized earlier I've created 160 squares of artwork :/ its fucking crazy how small the project seems and how much time it ended up consuming) and then to dive straight into my veggie project, as always... if anyone is a veggie / knows any veggies willing to fill out an uber quick questionnaire, please get in touch!

Anyways, back to the grind stone (well, after another brew and a quick play of Alan Wake...), can feel the lerg descending on me so going to have an early-ish night in an attempt to combat it!

But before I do, a little hint at what's to come for Teasign ;) this baby came in the post this morning and I am DYING to have a play with it.

Nothing like the allure of a mysterious sealed case ;) I'll unveil what it is sometime in the next week so make sure you keep coming back, I'm sure there'll be loads to see!

M x

Monday, 3 January 2011

Cups of Tea 1032 - 1035

Dissertation. God Damn you! As much as I like my topic the lack of source material is slightly infuriating! So no work done today... just a quick post of some genius comedy before I go to bed. 1k left to go...

M x

Sunday, 2 January 2011

Cups of Tea 1029 - 1031

Hello-ello everyone! After an uber shift at work (11.5 hours in hell!) I am home and quite sleepy. No design done after a day based entirely on retail so time to post up the coolest thing I've ever seen... possibly not to you, but alas... I am indeed sad.

Oh dear God it is the kind of thing a tea nerd dreams of. Pantone referenced tea. Oh joy. Apparently it's some tasty, tasty tea... I will be picking it up in the week I think (from here) and will let you know if it tastes as good as it looks!

Also stumbled across this also today while recapping on the blogs I follow... The theme of Edits by Edits is an project by different artists, each asked to use a simple image and one typeface to represent a music genre. Simple and luscious design. I want the soul one for certain! (below)

Anyways, back to Peep Show.

M x

Saturday, 1 January 2011

Cups of Tea 1027 - 1028

Happy New Year everyone! It's 2011, a year has passed and a new year has began. This year should be a special one for Teasign. There are big things planned, which unfortunately due to being wrapped up in the SModcast project atm I'm not really at liberty to discuss, but rest assured, by the end of the Month you should know all about it. Suffice to though designers / illustrators get in contact if you wanna be apart of something fun ;)

Other than that i've just realized the time frame in which I've got to complete my projects so as of tomorrow, it's full steam ahead. I've got a ten hour shift in work which isn't going to help but nevermind... with an estimated 60 hours put into this SMod project so far on top of two 39 hour weeks, it's kinda understandable I guess :/

Anyways, here's the last of the TESD's... Yesterdays if you were silly enough to check the blog on NYE has been updated as the ghost wasn't up to scratch (admittedly I was slightly drunk while doing it him) and now looks nicer! I'll update the blurb to accompany him tomorrow too :)

TESD #10, the last of them for now... It's based on the concept of Walt and Bry seeming like a married couple... It was pretty hard to capture a veil without using a lot of transparency and still maintain a simple approach. However the blood on the candle stick in the other image just didn't look right as a thick blood, so I had to lighten it up.

So that's done. Hollywood babble-on 1 - 5 coming tomorrow even if it kills me haha!

M x