Friday, 29 October 2010

Cups of Tea 0816 - 0821

God these have been two unproductive days. A lot of screw ups and a server lack of sleep has driven me to have an early night to hit work head on tomorrow... (well, after work work...).

I leave you with one of the brighter points of the day - It's kinda sad how a teapot can brighten up one's day, but alas, it did just that.

Pity about the price :(

M x

Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Cup of Tea 0815

I had to post this, I am honestly in stitches. Thanks @hitandmiff!

creased I say!

M x

Cups of Tea 0807 - 0814

Sorry for not updating yesterday people, I got sucked into Red, Left For Dead Redemption... Also known as Red Dead Redemption - Undead Nightmare... Ohh it's such a good add-on!

It's been a seemingly slow two days, I've been slowly chipping away at the little research left for my Packaging / Infographics and am about to begin writing up my next two briefs! I should really make a start on my dissertation though :/

Real serial moment just now, seeing a logo I produced on a shopfront... As in a physical version of it. Its such a strange feeling! Going to go to uplands myself sometime in the week to feast my peepers on it in the flesh when Katie opens :) Hopefully all will go well for her. I encourage everyone to support her with all their flower based needs!

Short of that, there's talks of more flyers in the work so hopefully there'll be some nice design up in the coming days! So i'll love you and leave you with something I found while doing a little research on copyright last night, made by Talk Talk (the broadband suppliers of all people...) Enjoy!

M x

Monday, 25 October 2010

Cups of Tea 0804 - 0806

Two of those were my new vice, Jeremiah Weed Sweet Tea... do they still count I wonder? An yes, shit is acctually served in a jamjar! Amazing!

Simple day, boxes are mocked up so expect pictures of all 3 of them made up and good to go tomorrow... Other than that, my Periodic Table of Typefaces finally arrived. Yes, I am that cool.

It was pretty expensive, but worth it imho! Grab one here.

It looks rather snazzy if I do say so myself! Alot of work will be done tomorrow so make sure you keep an eye out, there'll even be a saucy sneak peak into what I'm doing next ;)

M x

Sunday, 24 October 2010

Cups of Tea 0800 - 0803

Back into the design and the consecutive cups of tea that go with them!

Mostly paper work done today (mindmaps, annotation yada yada) so not alot really to say... so here's a link to a cool piece of info-graphics / its creators ;)

M x

Saturday, 23 October 2010

Cups of Tea 0796 - 0799

I'll probably have a cup of tea after this (sleepy time tea is imba...) but that would be cheating. Almost 800 cups, blimey!

A rather lackluster work day... I get easily distracted after a day in the cold, cold backup that is work and felt abit ill / tired when I did try and do some. Depressing, no? So I did what anyone would do, I took a few hours of me time and completed Professor Layton and The Curious Village. For those who don't know, The Prof. Layton games are DS puzzle-based visual novels, think Phoenix Wright. They're also like the crack of hand held games... the second one is already in my DS waiting for the next time I get a few hours to myself...

Short of that, I had a nap and started some brainstorms and analysis of the upcoming project as well as some character plotting for my multimedia project, both look fun but are going to kill me in terms of workload I fear :/ Only time will tell, but as I'm back in work mode, I believe I can get it all done and possibly juggle another project along side them. Possibly one of the penguin briefs?

Anyways, you're not here to hear me prattle on about games and spider diagrams, you good ladies and gents came here to see some design! Some of you will have already seen it, but for those who haven't, I present to you the completed (well, unless it gets torn a new one Monday) piece of my commodities project, Apple Eye Candy... The colour scheme is a homage to that of the Feltron 2008 report which really got me into Data-graphics way back when... I thought it only fitting to pay my respects on my first endeavor into that field!

As always, comments are appreciated :)

M x

Friday, 22 October 2010

Cups of Tea 0790 - 0795

Tea breeds creativity... or so this blog would have you believe ;)

Finished the other two packages for Red Berry / Green Teas for the re-packaging project. How spiffing?! Sorry, excuse the language... I've been playing the Professor Layton games and they do pepper my vocabulary so...

Other than that, I've started another project :o Yes, the 5th project (I'm so claiming my display face, Lenna as a small project lol...) and it's going to be quite awesome hopefully! Not sure how long to make it last though, the main focus of it has 140 episodes without the 7 spin off shows... That's all the hints I'm giving for now ;)

M x

Thursday, 21 October 2010

Cups of Tea 0781 - 0789

A good day it has not been. Is that grammatically correct? I don't know, nor bloody well care at this point. I swear to God, there is somebody orchestrating cruel and unorthodox methods of taking the fish a chips out of me this week.

Monday - My tracker pad dies but I complete my info graphics, which prompts celebratory drinks only for me (and it turns out later, also Adam) to get started on by some prick pulling my hair. Tuesday, still tainted by the sour taste on Monday was only productive in terms of dissertation reading. Wednesday was semi-productive, and would have been more so had I not so desperately needed to run home for a haircut... When I get back, my copy of Data Flow 2 has arrived, but the book is misprinted so it's upside down to the cover. I put it aside and when I fire up the macbook, realize the inability to click my tracker pad was cause by my Macbook's battery swelling (see picture below). FUCK!

But all of this pails in comparison to the annoying day i've had today. I mean, today takes the bloody digestives as far as ticking me off is concerned.

I take the defective and swollen battery back to the Apple store, who practically laugh at me when I ask for a replacement (even thought it's a common problem...), so I end out having to fork out my heard earned £100 on a new battery, wankers. So I take a stroll around town to cheer myself up, having a great idea for my Multimedia project I begin to raid charity shops for vintage t-shirts when I lay eyes upon THIS beautiful copy of one of my favourite movies, The Royal Tenenbaums. But alas, as you'll have probably have gathered from the website - The sucker is Region 1. FUCK!

I get home, I die a little inside. I then watch A Wes Anderson Marathon to cheer myself up (currently into Darjeeling Limited, Though I doubt I'll get to Fantastic Mr. Fox, a little to tired) and have an uber nice bath with candles in which I read a dissertation book. I then get down to the hard graft of vectoring the rest of my packaging... But low and behold, the mac freezes, forcing me to turn if off at the mains, which makes me have to repair my hard drive via Mac's "single user mode" (the equivalent of MS DOS for you PC users), the third time this has happened in two weeks, which leads me to the rather speculator grounds that the hard drive is going... I am not a happy man at this moment in time.

Anyways, here's the first in my packaging project design, the white triangles represent the window that will allow the consumer to see the foil packaging inside, which will look nice... I hope. Feedback as always, is appreciated either on here or facebook :) Now im going to go break things.

M x

Sunday, 17 October 2010

Cups of Tea 0777 - 0780

Just a quick post while I drink some sleepy time. I was in work until 9 but started my Info graphics project (on apples...) at about half past and have been working on it ever since.

While I was hoping to have it up and finished tonight, It'll have to wait until tomorrow I'm afraid! Still, I'm very happy with how it's turned out. I want to personally thank tea for getting me through it hahaha! Na kidding, Gem's feedback has been very helpful and encouraging, which is kinda what I needed atm, baby steps before I get back on the design bull!

I'll leave you with some Seerauber Jenny, They helped a little too.

M x

Saturday, 16 October 2010

Cups of Tea 0773 - 0776

Bare with me, I'm still getting back into the swing of everything...

Having family down, although a nice experience is very counter-productive. Hell, even being in this house, where there is no designated work area other than one situated within 5 meters of a X-factor emitting television and parents, with their own opinions on the crumbling state of music competing for volume to distract me, ('they've got no talent', 'would buy / listen to an album of this?' and 'why are we watching this rollocks?' are the one million pound questions pondered throughout the program...) I then have a very inquisitive six year old and an older brother going through Central-London withdrawal to entertain.

So naturally, little work has been done short of me barricading my bedroom door like an anti-social teenager, headphones blaring some Seerauber Jenny while I attempt to read the history of the LP. It's because I'm classy, not begrudging of family visits, honest.

But read I did. Mostly about Jazz in the book "The Long Player Goodbye" by Travis Elborough, while the book documents the physical format from the very beginning, I feel it's not really the type of thing I really need for my dissertation. Although I've picked up a few things across the 100+ pages i've read so far that've made me question my protest at the death of album artwork so much that I have become slightly hollow to music in general...

Other than that rather depressing note, I picked up Dataflow 2. Shiny, shiny data graphics. While i've got two ideas down for it, I've not really done much beyond annotating sheets of apple facts. Either way, there's alot to do on it tomorrow...

As for your need to consume something graphical, I present to you the new Radox advert.

Yes, I know. WTF indeed.

M x

Friday, 15 October 2010

Cups of Tea 0661 - 0772

The Long Awaited Return of Teasign is Here.

The past few weeks i've been a little lax. There have been very few things done in the wake of moving, working and some bread and butter flyer work. That all changes from today.

This moment is the revival of all things Teasign. Daily updates will be resumed and graphic design shall be shared and if not, wonderful links will be posted (although I warn they might tie into my dissertation...) to fill your day.

It's wierd. After a year of writing this blog, it's become part and parcel of my process. One cannot exist without the other for me now, I need to write to design and I need to design to write. The catch 22 that I believe has kicked me in the arse over the past few weeks, but it's ok. I love design and I work better when I'm thrown into it. So you shalln't see me around Wind, I won't be wandering around town (unless I'm on my way to Uni) and I certainly won't be playing Halo all day long. Scouts Honor.

So then, onto the design.

This is work I've done for a good friend who's currently opening a florist in Uplands, I heartily encourage you to check it out when it launches (I'll post when) as I got to see inside today and when finished, it'll look incredible! So here it is, the first of this year's projects done and dusted (well, client pending...) Feedback is as always appreciated. Hopefully there's someone to read this after such a long time away!

M x