Friday, 20 August 2010

Cups of Tea 0653 - 0660

Yes, alot of tea this week, but less than half the sugar! Builders and 1 1/2 sugars is now my vocation when it comes to tea :o It's been a most productive week to be honest! The workouts ive been doing are beginning to pay off and I'm noticing positive changes in my stamina and upper body strength. This stamina is seriously helping me get back into the graphic design flow.

The logo for the Florist is done, The Stationary will be sorted in this hectic coming week. On top of it, I've got two flyers to knock up (one for the first Giant Haystacks night, the other for the Bull and Gate's 30 year celebration taking place throughout September) and some more of my rabbits to do... I'll post a blog containing the two (possibly 4 by that point...) that i've knocked up probably Sunday :) I also did a small acrylic canvas yesterday which rather therapeutic!

Other than that, I found out I'm off to Reading next weekend (purely for Blink 182...) with the brother (hence the hectic week, dentist and design Monday, work tues weds...), Watched all of Fringe (which was amazing) and popped to Bristol on Wednesday to finally see their Art From The New World exhibition!

The exhibition was amazing if not a little small. 49 mostly original pieces from American Illustrators including Luke Chueh (below), Gary Baseman and Joe Ledbetter. While it was missing afew of my favourites (Amanda Visell for one :( ) it was still a great show, some snaps from it are below :D

Luke Chueh - Pin Cushion

Sarah Folkman - Experiments in Flight #1

Joe Sorren - At Tea with Roeishi

If you get a chance / are bored over the weekend, catch it before it closes Sunday!

And with that, i'm off to bed. Hopefully there'll be a flyer or two to show you tomorrow :)

M x

Friday, 13 August 2010

Cups of Tea 0605 - 0653

Yes kids... almost 50 cups of tea later (and 16 days later...) I return to the blog :o! Leena Script Designed, currently working on a logo for a florist (which I shall hopefully be able to show before the weekend) and a few street art related things... A new rabbit (soon to be two or 3...), initial stages of some NES inspired artwork and in the early stages of building a fake wall to tag on :) So expect alot of that soon!

Other than that, life's been nice... Back running (did 6k yesterday) and doing other cardio related workouts (press ups, crunches, light weights, cross trainer...) which is getting me back on my feet... it feels so good to have a degree of Stamina back!

Anyways, enough of the babbling, here's my concept artwork for Leena, as it's as far as I can really take it at the moment... damned limited Fontographer!

M x