Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Cups of Tea 1961 - 1963

Just the quuuickest of quick updates as I'm on a bit of a writing spree! I stumbled across this video earlier today and it made me chuckle so I thought I'd share it...

'Movie Line Rhymes' by Jordan Laws from ScreenWerks on Vimeo.

Apologies about the lack of toy design, it was only going to be a tease anyways, but I shall show it tomorrow!

M x

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Cups of Tea 1958 - 1960

Hohoho there sports fans. It's ok if you don't like sports, you can be a fan of not watching footie ball if that's more up your alley. The point is your here, and in being here, get to see the name / logo reveal of the new exciting adventures in clothing :o!

I present to you - Marching Brand.

For those of you who completed that survey I put out last week, cheers! We're aiming at getting a few designs out soon and you lovely people will get some form of discount if you want it! More info shall be coming soon, but out of sheer curiosity, any thoughts on the logo would be nice! Would you wear it on a tee of shirt? Let us know ;)

With that I'm off to bed, it's been a very hectic day of running around and physical running and I'm pooped because of it... Some cool 3D stuff of the toy design me and the very talented Mr. Gareth Lloyd are going to be producing tomorrow!

M x

Monday, 15 August 2011

Cups of Tea 1948 - 1957

Well my apologies good ladies and gentlemen! I had a rather lackadaisical weekend seeing my brother and sister-in-law / working, so I honestly didn't get a chance to update the blog! That is all passed however, and more importantly, I'm back on the hardcore work schedule / working out! Hazaa! I've done 9 hours work today on various up and coming thing, namely two tshirt designs and some brainstorming for yet another future project! Yes, I know... I do have a lot of these 'secret projects', but I really did have a epiphany moment on Saturday morning, and I will be going full steam ahead on them all over the next few weeks.

I woke up at 5am Saturday to goto work at a certain Supermarket Chain. I got in, tired and altogether discontent. I've work at said Supermarket for 6 years. There are a lot worse jobs, I like the people I work with (not so much the management, but what can you do...) and the pay is alright for the hours I work. However, it's just not for me. The only thing it really is decent for is that my mind tends to wander and I can brainstorm. Cue Saturday morning, I begin to think about what I wanted to do with tumblr that I mentioned in the past, that me and my girlfriend, the lovely / talent Gemma Anderson, were going to share... Despite me developing it in a million different directions in my head in a relatively short space of time (over like a cage of stock...) I realized that I had done a lot of thinking / talking lately, but I hadn't done much on it.

It was then, I thought fuck it. I got home, wrote a load of shit down and then got on with my weekend. Skip to this morning, the alarm goes off at 9. I get up, completely change my room around to finally have a workplace in this household, then I go for a walk. I come back after this small 15 minute strut around the block, which acted as a metaphorical commute to work, then sat down and work poured out of me. I started at 12 and I stopped around 9pm, only taking an hour break for lunch. W00T! I then worked out, and am appalled at how unfit I've become... -le sigh-

I am planning on doing this everyday (while there will actually be a commute tomorrow, I've gotta get up early / goto Newport for a passport interview...) for at least the next month (this is of course if I don't hear back from the jobs I've currently applied for), the wall is set up as it was back in the old GLC (see below) and I'm going for gold. Watch this space peoples!

While I needed that huff and puff, I am aware I promised the reveal of mine and the aforementioned Ms. Anderson's clothing line logo and name, however I'm going to do this tomorrow now instead. Yes, I am a proverbial tease, but I want it to have it's own blog post, not off the back of me being a whiny bugger! So for now at least, night night! I'm going to do some comedy writing before bed :)

M x

Thursday, 11 August 2011

Cups of Tea 1940 - 1947

A lot of Tea drunk today as I've done quite alot of brainstorming and basic fleshing out of ideas... again, none of which I can show at this moment in time! Yes, it's bloody frustrating! But as I can reveal the name and logo of mine and Gem's clothing company tomorrow, it shall all be worth it... That and y'know, these designs are going to look pretty damned sweet :)

I was going to post up a few designs from a side project I started today tonight, but I didn't realize my Nephew was home today... His Mum and Step-Dad are moving to London in 2 weeks, so after Saturday, I don't actually know when I'll see him next... which has left me with mixed reactions... So naturally, I stopped work for the day when he walked in the door, but it will commence again tomorrow! At least I'll be able to talk about half the stuff I'm working on then...

So for tonight, I shall leave you with another find from the world wide web during my blogging hiatus...

The colour of
is a website that uses flickr picture tags to compile a colour from a large portion of images, placing each image on top of each other with a degree of transparency, to reveal the colour of that word! As you can imagine, Sunshine results in a nice yellow...

and of course 'sadness' creates a murky brown (complete with creepy childs face)... However, it can be a little hit and miss, Death was a little 'light' for my liking and 'gloom' had a definite pinky tinge. But as you can save the image, it may come in handy for some future mood boards / hipster facebook wallposts!

However, I was very sad to learn that despite what I had been lead to believe, Red was not in fact the colour of Anger... Anger is apparently a more merky orange :( (There was a band who had a song... ahh forget it...). Anyways, until tomorrow, ciao!

M x

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Cups of Tea 1936 - 1939

Ok. So remember when I said that I would be starting a new project today and that there would be some work to show you? Well I lied. It was to be expected really, I'm a terrible person... As much as the previous statement could be mined for its hearty nuggets of truth, an explanation is in order! After a trip into Swansea to tidy up some affairs, buy some coke zero and some more teabags, I didn't actually get home until 6 o'clock. By the time I'd poured a brew, had a bath and scribbled down some ideas for the clothing firm, it was bordering 8pm... Which is now known as 'tidy up time'.

Why and what is being tidied up you ask? Why, my beloved games collection of course! For as those who know me well will more testify, I did go through a phase where I did buy a lot of games... purely because I could, but alas, I was seriously to busy to play them. So I now have around 20 titles that I've barely scratched the surface of, and am faced with the prospect of of moving away / being full time employed and may even sell alot of them. So for the time being, despite the games coming out in September and how much it will break my heart, I am officially on Gaming Lock-down. The Hours of 8 - 11 are no the only computer-able hours of the day as I get ready to throw myself back into serious design as of tomorrow. I finished Mirrors Edge tonight (I got to chapter 8 of 9 and quit it...), so Bioshock 2 will be completed tomorrow hopefully... I'll let you know how I progress.

Now, as I am the aforementioned terrible person, I believe I owe you all something to look at. Well, there is a position I applied for as part of a well known toy company... I don't want to show all of what I designed as part of my portfolio I sent out to them, but maybe one or two of the minifigures... I roll some of the others out in due time :) Obviously, I'll keep you guys updated also on whats happening on that front, as I know...

M x

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Cups of Tea 1931 - 1935

It's been a bit of a strange day for me to be honest... Ive mostly been watching sky news and just looking over notes from professional studies / a few random ebooks on selling stuff over the internet, exciting times... not. I promised I'd have design to show, but alas, the day didn't call for it... Instead, I have two absolutely AWESOME websites to share.

The first, indulges my wonderful love of expletives... Oh how I enjoy the odd swear word, peppering my constant chattery with some of the wilder words of the english language is my equivalent to smoking a Cuban cigar or a fine glass of port... I thought I had excelled the use of George Carlin's Seven Words to an art form. However, I was wrong. I have been stripped of my crown by the talent typographer, Theo Olesen. Olsen has a website called Beautiful Swear words, which is very quickly becoming my favourite site on the Internet... The concept is simple. Olsen does a beautiful piece of hand drawn type, vectors it up with some awesome colour choices and then posts one a day. Wonderful, wonderful stuff! Not for the easily offended, but for those who still feel the stinging taboo of the 'big c word' or a sneaky fecal cuss, this is living proof that there can be beauty in bad language.

More of this uber work can be found here!

The second site I want to share is Vi.Sulaize! It's a lot like FFFOUND! and many other websites currently floating around the net, but unlike those websites, it's got a built in Firefox widget (I'd imagine there's Safari / Chrome support too!) that allows you to right-click an image and upload it onto your account... meaning you have an online visual diary for any and all cool shit you find on the web! Means I can now keep my desktop tidy + have one place to look at everything, without having to print off and paste up!

Here's me using it to also show off some beautiful swearwords haha! If you sign up, let me know! I'll friend you on there, or whatever you do along those lines lol...

That's all from me tonight anyways folks! I'm starting a new project tomorrow after I pop off to Swansea tomorrow for lulz... So there will DEFIANTLY be something to show you guys, scouts honor! Well, unless riots consume Swansea City Center while I'm there >.< It'd be just my luck!

M x

Monday, 8 August 2011

Cups of Tea 1772 - 1930

Jesus Christ, I'm sorry people of the world, it's been awhile! A lot has been going on with me in the past few weeks, some of it exciting, some of it just the usual day to day... either I've not been able to post about it (like the freelance I got shafted over -.-) and some of it will be revealed in the next few weeks or so :O Exciting Times! However, what I can confirm is that there will be some very exciting entrepreneurial stuff going down :o Namely some clothing, vinyl toys and a website... OOOOO!

The anticipation aye? I was going to talk about design and what i've been up to, but I'll leave that until tomorrow as this is a bit of a mental day to start reblogging... London currently looks like a war zone, and I'm glad I didn't get the job I applied for that that way, as I'd have been right in the middle of it! Scary bloody times. It's not just London however, it's now in Birmingham. There's even rumors being spread online that the rioting, scratch that straight out Anarchy spreading to other areas...

Scary times... Hopefully I'll wake up tomorrow and there'll still be a capital to wake up to :/ My thoughts go out to anyone in those areas effected... I'm just hoping people in Wales have enough common sense to not try and imitate this shit here >.<

Anyways, I'll be showing some design off tomorrow... until then, just take a look at these two videos. One showing the madness, one showing the anger of the community, both of them show incredibly brave people.

and Bravery

M x