Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Cups of Tea 1179 - 1213

A lot of tea drunk while writing this dissertation! But alas, it's almost finished! Hazaaah! Not even joking... I enjoy writing but what started as a labor of love become more of an arduous lumber... -sigh- despite talking to such awesome people as Jason Munn, Dan Mumford,Keaton Henson and Phil Clandillon, it still seemed a little bit forced in the end.. that and lead me to believe that there is almost no hope for anyone interested in album artwork haha!

Anywho, here's the cover of it :) Not the most original idea I must admit (Binary code coming out of a record for those who don't get it...) and it's probably been done a million times, but I'm quite happy with it!

And now time to go to designing my exhibition ideas... also, if anyone's on Twitter, I'm back on there (and over sharing like a bastard), so feel free to follow me here.

M x

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Cups of Tea 1174 - 1178

Not alot of tea drunk these last few days... been kinda ill for the last 24 hours >.<

For this ill time, I've been making the most of it... writing down questions to conclude the dissertation, but in doing so... got to talk to some of my favourite graphic designers :) it's been pretty ace.

Then I decided to mess around with the play doh I bought earlier and I am creatively unblocked (h) work coming to a blog near you tomorrow ;)

Yes. That is a penguin.

M x

Friday, 11 February 2011

Cups of Tea 1168 - 1173

Arghhhhh! One of those days of frustration, already not kept to my 'to do' list due to me having to read stuff again for my dis.. realized that while I know what I want to write, there are no books that give me quotes for it... Currently trawling through journals to see the music industry's view on apps... joooy!

On a brighter not, I did get to doing my new project logo... I'll post it up here, but you I can't tell you what it's for yet ;) Some of you into your conspiracy theories may recognize the symbolism that it's parodying in what should be an awesome project!

Any thoughts would be nice... Also as promised, the No More Excuses piece can be downloaded here. Also put a print option up... as I'm tempted to get one for myself... hahaha!

M x

Thursday, 10 February 2011

Cups of Tea 1158 - 1167

Ho Ho Ho... Gotta love the wonders of being organized... I've had two days of working to a time table and it's been pretty decent... Well, yesterday wasn't the best but alas, I had THE BLANKS to see :D!

Anywho, just some quick updates of the wall of organization... winnah! Also if anyone wants the No More Excuses, I'll post it up tomorrow I guess... Gotta stop '...'ing >.<

Other than that, not alot to show today... been writing my Dis and getting sketchbook work done. Hopefully should have a logo to show tomorrow ;)

M x

Monday, 7 February 2011

Cups of Tea 1155 - 1157

Horray! I can post some work again lol...

Some layouts from my surface pattern work (that I submitted today...) which will hopefully get short listed... I hope? No idea if the pictures of people match up with the work as there were 54 images of work with none of them named... The only reason the people are there is because they're the only surface pattern students I know the name of... oh dear.

Anywho, layooouts (and one cover... I hate the second cover lol).

The idea being that the green represents the designer's colour from the front of the booklet, which then identifies them with their work in the exhibition.

Layout numbero two is the landscape. Replace the green with a grey and add some more space for images over words :) Suffice to say, as is possibly evident by the lack of enthusiasm in this blog post, I'm really, REALLY tired and that I have just realized I can't have a lie in, I've got uni tomorrow... BED TIME!!!

M x

M x

Sunday, 6 February 2011

Cups of Tea 1153 - 1154

I can finally update this properly again tomorrow! Two different layout ideas to show and a small project completed woop woop!

until then however, have some Da Vinci's Note Book...

M x

Saturday, 5 February 2011

Cups of Tea 1150 - 1152

Just another quick update as alas, I have been working again on paper... I wanted to post something the relates to the post up of The Old Spice Guy... Saw this and thought it was brilliant :)

Original Here.

M x

Friday, 4 February 2011

Cups of Tea 1146 - 1149

It's been a day of much work. I woke up this morning and thought 'fuck this' to my lack of drive and just dove into work. Surprise surprise, my design mojo has seriously returned. I've come up with some awesome ideas for the surface pattern brochure which will I'll put up on Monday!

But until then, oh joy of joys... HE'S BACK!

Also in an act of total OMFG I WANT THAT... here is the poster I'm currently pre-order... It looks oh, so sexy...

There'll be some new work (Possibly cauldron work?) up tomorrow...

M x

Thursday, 3 February 2011

Cups of Tea 1139 - 1145

Just a quick blog post... I've been crafting a CV and doing some light reading today, as the result of a sleeping pattern I can never seem to get under control these days! Been heavily researching Transmedia and looking at Dulex catalogs... all will be relieved soon enough...

Anywho for now, an experiment in Transmedia from No Mimes Media... Trust me, one of the best thing's i've ever played about with and in 10 minutes, shows you the power of Transmedia!Find it here. And yes, you do need to input a valid phone number etc. ;)

M x

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Cups of Tea 1133 - 1138

Well Twoddle #2 is up on iTunes, I don't think it's updated in the search field yet (it takes a day...) but if you subscribe (and hit refresh in the bottom right corner of the podcast menu) it should download no problem. If you're having trouble doing that, you can listen to it here.

Short of that, my Cauldron packaging is now mocked up! Unfortunately, the lighting in this room is a bit rubbish so I had to make do! -sigh- I need a decent area to photograph thiiiings!

Anywho, feedback on both is appreciated and encouraged... also yes, I realize there's a spelling mistake on the Tofu packaging...

M x