Thursday, 14 July 2011

Cups of Tea 1767 - 1771

It's been a long and busy day folks! So long and busy, working on freelance that I can't, as of yet talk about (but oh, how amazing it shall be when I'm legally allowed...) that none of the other stuff I promised to do has been done! My apologies! The tumblr will hopefully up tomorrow, and I'll get cracking into some freelance that I can actually show!

Until then, I urge you to check out the veeeery sexy looking iPad publication, Timbuktu! While it is an iPad magazine for children, as you can probably tell from the cover below and the screens on the itunes site, it's pretty nice to look at! Will show it to my nephew tomorrow to see how it goes down with the target audience!

However, I do think that the 'T's look a little... dodgy...

M x

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Cups of Tea 1762 - 1766

Graduations and Celebrations to all of you fellow Graduates! Go forth and get employed! As i've got a LOOOOT of freelance to commence tomorrow, I'll now be going to bed early, but first... I will post the only decent photo of me in a cap and gown that exists...

You can imagine how bad the others are going to be...

Coming tomorrow - some graphic design, a new joint tumblr between me and my very talented other half, Miss Gemma Anderson (it's going to be fun!) and some drawings... perhaps! A lot of exciting stuff in the works, it's going to be fun to stick around folks, I guarantee it!

M x

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Cups of Tea 1755 - 1761

Hohoho? To soon I guess, but nevermind! Hello and good day to you all! quite a nice day in terms of it's content, some freelance work (that may possibly lead to a job) won and a suit to wear for my graduation tomorrow! Hazaa! So yes, to continue the London talk, but this time with pictures of work I actually created myself. By hand. With markers! Its fun stuff!

So the exhibition went very well. Overall, I got offered a few interviews and the possibility of future work from some interested companies! A lot of business cards received and a lot more taken which made New Designers very much a worth while en devour... especially if I get one of the jobs I was offered an interview for! But more on that later... the interview is quite a way away!

But back to the point at hand! During this trip to New Designers, a contest was held for Secret Wars, for those who don't know, is a kind of 'street art battle' of sorts, where a group of illustrators competes another group of illustrators to paint a huge mural, which is then voted on. Upon seeing this, the Illustrators of the old SMU went out and bought a massive roll of paper and several marker pens. They then drew on this huge scroll, then illustrators from Portsmouth joined in, followed by a few other people (yours truly included...) to create something that was nothing short of a master piece. Suffice to say, my involvement in this one was minimal and I don't have a picture of the finished thing... but I'll try and get one! This will have to do for now!

Roll on Saturday. When the need to create another scroll of awesomeness was demanded by the general population! The wonderful students of Portsmouth supplied the paper, New Designers tweeted it was happening, then we got to it! Here's some pictures of the general thing, then some of my terribly dull contributions!

My Rabbit!

My Unicornasaurus!

And who says I can't draw ;) Anywho, that's it for me for tonight! Gotta goto bed, as I graduate tomorrow! Ohhhh, EXCITING!

M x

Monday, 11 July 2011

Cups of Tea 1713 - 1754

God Damn it! Time did sneak past me quickly this last week! So Deathcab was amazing! They played mostly tracks from Narrow Stairs and a few classics (they played 405... I was chuffed!). Ben Gibbard has so much stage presence, it was amazing to watch him. I got maself a tshirt and a print that I have no idea who it's by...

Zee Print

The T-shirt

Short of that... this is a street sign you'll only find in Brixton Academy ;) I'll update properly tomorrow! Some exciting news in coming ;)

M x

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Cups of Tea 1707 - 1712

The quickest of quick updates ladies and gents, as I've been on my feet for the last 13 hours! It's been a funny old day! Dancing, romancing and talking the heads off all the students and clients who pop by to see my work! So for tonight, I shall just upload the shots of the exhibition space and post a more detailed post tomorrow!

And now, BED TIME!

M x

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Cups of Tea 1702 - 1706

How goes it people of the world!? London's going well thanks, I spent the day setting up for the opening of New Designers tomorrow! Which looks to be a fantastic day! Short of a terribleee sketch on the front of my visual diary (which I will now cover with some paper from paper chase...), I haven't done any design today! But again, a very busy day of awards etc. tomorrow! We shall have to see how it goes :)

Short of that, here's some of the wonderful things found in London today! A very nice paste up (ruined by a Che sticker...) and some funky stickers on a stop sign! Just a constant reminder to keep looking around in old Londaminium for street art! I seriously need to go hunting for some over the weekend when this exhibition's all done and dusted!

Anyways, an early night must be had! I've gotta be at the Business Center for 9am just in case the judges take an interest in my work, what what!

M x

Monday, 4 July 2011

Cups of Tea 1696 - 1701

Hohoho! So if you hadn't have guessed, I'm in LANDAN! Horray! Oh, how i've missed you Islington... With your arty atmosphere and amazing sources of deliciously expensive sustenance! NOM NOM! Cyber Candy, Chillango and the rest of upper street beware! For I will be raiding the shit out of your food stores these next few days! Here's a picture of the week's first Chillango... Chicken with Pinto beans, hot salsa, cheese and lettuce! There will be many more to be devoured!

Short of this, I had an interview at Pearlfisher, which was amazing. I've got an 1 month internship position there, however I have no idea when I can start it, but it's looking to be October / November. But I am chuffed! I'm so damned grateful for the opportunity, but more on that one as it develops!

After that, I went to New Designers to see the ol' gang and start building the exhibition up! It's an early tomorrow when we'll put all the work etc. up. But I shall put some pictures up I'm sure :) Anywho, as I say... early start tomorrow so it's time to get some shut eye! So I'll leave you with this little gem!

Symmetry from Everynone on Vimeo.

Night Night!

M x

Sunday, 3 July 2011

Cups of Tea 1660 - 1695

Gosh darn it! I'm sorry people... another busy week left me with no time to post! On Tuesday, I went to see Transformers - Dark of the Moon, of which I wasn't a fan (not enough robot on robot for my liking). Wednesday, I died on my bum doing stand up (which believe it or not, was an amazing feeling). Thursday, I got to see my buddy Aaron and draw profanities in 11ft tall letters in the Sand, with Friday being spent with my Canadian Family and then Saturday in work. Que today.

I get up, headaches. Then more headaches. And still, more headaches. A lot of sleep later, and I'm alive again, doodling some new t-shirt designs and sketching out one or two new ideas to remake my portfolio! I've also managed to get onto Google+, the new social networking platform if anyone would like an invite :)

I'm slowly wanting to branch out into a few law abiding street art ideas as well, if anyone's interested! I've got a few ideas together for one big 'heist' of peoples imaginations, and will need some no good outlaws to help me pull it off. Anyone interested, pop a comment on the old blog ;)

Until then, I'll leave you with an ingenious bit of semi-street art I found at swissmiss... They're floor stickers that are part of an initiative by the city of Lucerne (Switzerland) to get people to notice and use garbage cans. I think they're amazing!

Short of that, off to Foggy London Town tomorrow! Hopefully there'll be some exciting news tomorrow ;)

M x