Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Cups of Tea 0461 - 0503

Yes, that's an absolute load of tea, but I have been le ill... pretty much housebound for the past week or so, not to mention the week I did naught but pack... anyways, i'll explain all this tomorrow...

Blog starts again then!

M x

Saturday, 19 June 2010

Cups of Tea 0457 - 0460

Liking the swanky blue back-a-ground? Swanky noe? It's there purely because blogger have desided in the past week that people customizing their blogs is a good thing, making it a hell of alot easier to change things around... good news as this now allows for easy CSS layouts to be implemented! Harraaa! Means I'm starting on a new banner ASAP!

I've decided that as of the week commencing the 27th, it is also time to get back to work. I am going to pull out all the stops to make sure this blog is living testament to the amount of freelance and personal work I manage to get done... I really need to pull my finger out, I REFUSE to waste this summer like I did the last one!

Just want to share this link with you before I go, the book is AMAZING! picked it up in the TATE last week and have looked through it at least 20 times... I love Jason Munn's work, he is quite possibly my biggest inspiration!

Shoop shoop

M x

Friday, 18 June 2010

Cups of Tea 0445 - 0456

Not alot of tea drank really for a week off... As I semi-predicted, my ipod died on the way down so I couldn't blog... the only internet cafe I could find was a wonderful £4 for 15 minutes on an ancient looking Dell... dear, dear...

It has to be said, it was a wicked weekend! Got some Mountain Dew Energy (6 bottles... finally found some in a pit stop) (not my image admittedly... my phones dead haha...) but then seconds later had my heart broken in the same place when I saw a "COME ON ENGLAND" Transformers T-shirt...

I'll upload my own pictures of both tomorrow hopefully... I haven't got the USB here atm :/

Other than this, saw a wonderful exhibition at the TATE St. Ives of Lily Van der Stokker and another on Object, Gesture, Grid... Saw a Pollock, a Picasso and some work by ex-Bauhaus staff members / pupils (Albers, Moholy-Nagy), all of them were wicked (although one or two pieces made me think "wtf..."). I seriously enjoyed it though, will have to check out the TATE modern when I'm in London next week.

Anyways, I'm babbling now... I'm a little tired from the trip back... I'll post something decent tomorrow, scouts honor :O!

M x

Sunday, 13 June 2010

Cups of Tea 0439 - 0444

Ayeeeee to the number. I felt inclined to post because i'm off over the bridge for a few days to (hopefully sunny...) Cornwall and though i'll try my best to blog by ipod, probably won't get a chance (can see my ipod dying by the time I get there, let alone it lasting the week... bloody touch screen!)

Been working on logos for my brawd's record label for the past few days, horray! An actual piece of commercial work that can both be used as a uni project and that can be put in the portfolio that could be in somebody's subconscious before they see it. Forgot how tough working towards someone else's spec is. I mean obviously I do with flyers, but i'm just kinda left to do whatever I want with them these days...

Will hopefully post it this time next week, it's still between two (I think I've designed around 20 / 25?) but they haven't relieved it publicly yet so I'm not going to steal their thunder, hell, I might actually get to post some links to reputable music sites when it does, WHO KNOWS?!

Fundamentally one of my Uni projects for next year down already though. All that's left is to knock up the stationary, branding manual and other nice things like stickers and hopefully at some stage, some album artwork / flyers... who knows aye :)?

So it's on this note I leave you... oh, but before I do. Click here. I AM SO HAPPY!!!

M x

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Cups of Tea 0437 - 0438

My cups of tea are technically cheating, they were fruit teas :o dumb dumb dumb! But as I'm abit of a scamp and flat out lied about posting yesterday (I ached like you wouldn't believe yesterday :/ ) I thought I'd give you something to look at... a new poster that I knocked up this morning at a rather swift pace...

Hope you like it... Also for new people who might see this via twitter (I loved #duncansdream...) I am now available for commission work ;) Why not hit me up?

M x

Sunday, 6 June 2010

Cups of Tea 0401 - 0436

Yes, its a lot of tea but it's been a long time.

Just a quick post to say i'm not dead and regular posts will resume from tomorrow... tbh I've not done alot since the flyer other than chill out! So i've had nothing really to post about. My head was miles away from design but alas, it must return :)

Working on a new stencil, a new rabbit and possibly a t-shirt design for personal projects, also got some stuff on commission that will undoubtedly appear on here soon to!

Until tomorrow, stay frosty!

M x