Saturday, 5 November 2011

Cups of Tea 2214 - 2217

Ok. For those of you who know me, really, and I mean really well, I've just spent the last three hours playing with, and loving Flash. No. This is not a joke, although 'loving' is probably to strong a word to use... more toleration that leads to a general sense of self satisfaction, but it's slowly building it's way up in my estimations from Total Shit-bag to Disgruntled and Unreliable Acquaintance.

But Mat, what about the stuff you said you were going to do yesterday? Like that sodding infographic running piece you've been working on? Well blog reader, I'm glad you asked. I realized that, as I believe I also blogged last night (and if I didn't, I apologize), I'm in London for the better half of next week, which means I won't have my Laptop at my disposal... Which means unless I take my files on a flash drive and pray to Jesus my Brother's copy of CS2 Illustrator can open them, there's not a lot getting done this week... Alternatively, I'm setting myself another challenge for the up coming week, which you will see soon!

But yes, back to the Total Shit-bag Disgruntled/Unreliable Acquaintance that is Flash! I've been doing some motion graphics! Shock Horror! Something completely outside of my comfort zone? And in a program I've not left a name on? Surely not? Well Internet, you'll be surprised at what a pleasant experience it's been! REALLY! Apart from a few forgetful mistakes on my part (putting more than one item on a layer I wanted to motion tween) and some utter 'WTFs' on Flash's part (a large letter I appearing from no where mid-playback), it's been alright... 200 frames, 8 seconds out of 221 down. By my calculations, that's only 5525 more frames to go! By that time, I imagine I'll either love or loathe Flash again, only time will tell, but I'm guessing it's going to go back to being a Total Shit-bag. You may have guessed, but that's my new thing. Yeah....

On a design you can view note, have a look at some of the work by Australian Like Minded Studio, there is some stunning examples of Type there (for you Rhys...), the bellow being my favourite!

M x

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