Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Cups of Tea 2198 - 2201

Hey, Sweden! Oh Dear God, I just started off this blog with the most obscure of obscure references, but as I'm trying to stick to the whole stream of consciousness blogging malarkey, it has to stay... For those interested, it was a quote from John Carpenter's 1982 classic, THE THING! Obscure pop cultured reference box is ticked, now all I need is to set in Helvetica with some Triangles on a star covered background, then I'll earn my Hipster Blogger Boy Scout Badge!

Could Hipsters be Boy Scouts? Or would that just be to conformist? Though I bet the irony factor of them wearing the uniform would suffice to make this bit workable... Jeez, I don't half type crap sometimes...

So moving on, just because I felt like I haven't been reblogging enough and spreading some design joy... I just thought I'd repost a load of cool stuff I've seen over on Swissmiss over the past few weeks that have brightened up my day... All of them could potentially be probable cause to question my mental age and sexual preference, but just remember, it's not polite to ask those kind of questions!

First up, we have one of the greatest things I've ever seen... For those who know me well (and as the rest of you can probably guess from reading this blog / looking at my work), I'm really not a fan of Jabba text. I despise using Jabber text! I'd much rather right my own body copy or source an article that has something to do with my work, than to us 'Lorem Ipsum'... Luckily for you lovely people (more so for the Girlies I guess), there is now a less boring solution if you haven't the time to type your own copy, but are afraid that latin's just not your thing... I present you with 'Cupcake Ipsum'.

Essentially, it just creates a load of Dummy copy, but with cake types / flavors (and even some love...), now ain't that lovely!? Give it a try imho, it's quite funny!

Then onto two quick 'I want's (as I'm aware this is becoming an essay). The first, are these awesome Post It Note Watches! Which would save me scribbling stuff on my hands all the time in work...

The second (and this is where my real nerd comes out), Pantone Christmas Decorations! Bahahah! If I get my own place by Christmas, they will be mine! And The whole of Christmas will be CMYK themed... Who Needs Red, White and Green, when you can spice things up with some Cyan and Magenta?

And on that note, it's bedtime... There's a full day of work ahead of me tomorrow! So Merry Designmess to all, and to all a good deadline free night.

M x

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